Bhimbetka – Stone Age Paintings in Caves

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Bhimbetka of Madhya Pradesh is very famous for being one of the most popular archaeological sites of the country. It has many caves with prehistoric carvings and paintings, and you will be completely surprised with the unique art found in this location like did. It is estimated that the paintings found in this area are nearly 30000 years old. It was also declared as a World Heritage site in the year 2003 and has since attracted many tourists on a regular basis. You will find such a wonderful place rarely in the country, and this shows that this region has rich history and culture from ancient times.


According to an ancient text, it is said that this place was supposedly the resting place of Bhima. It is because of this reason the place got its name Bhimbetka. You can find several caves in this region, and the place is also known as a popular Buddhist site. It is covered by dense forest, and you will also find many interesting archaeological sites in the vicinity. Hence if you love to roam in the mid of forests and some wild surprises attract you, then this is the right place for you.

The scenic beauty:

The entire region is surrounded by Vindhya and Satpura Hills, and you will be completely mesmerized with the natural vegetation found in this area. Many tourists come to this place to watch The Rock shelter Caves and take photographs of the beautiful Stone Age art. You can easily reach this place from Bhopal. The roads are wide and good that can help you reach there by car.

You will be astonished to know that the caves have the best carvings and other art forms of the medieval period. The colors used for the drawings were made of vegetables, and you can still see the impression on the Caves. The religious beliefs of ancient people are reflected in the carvings, and you can see several figures of gods and other divine entity.

There is a painting in the cave in which a man is holding a Trident and seen in a dancing form which is known as one of the most famous among all the paintings. It is believed that this image is of Lord Nataraja and many people associate the dancing form of Lord Shiva to this carving. In the same manner, you can also see different paintings and carvings related to the vegetation and animals of those times.

Ratha Palli wildlife sanctuary

You can pass through this region when you want to visit the Bhimbetka caves of Madhya Pradesh. It is rich in natural vegetation, and you will be completely impressed with the greenery surrounding the mountains. Your kids will have a comfortable time at this place as you can get to watch many animals and birds in the wildlife sanctuary. It is very well maintained, and you can get easy access to every facility and this location. The place is also known for many Buddhist stupas, and several pilgrims come to this place on a regular basis.