Choose Oregon for the Best in Outdoor Cycling

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Cycling in Oregon, especially in the highly popular areas around Portland offer so many trails, and different types of experiences to choose from, you’ll have to rock/paper/scissor your way to a decision on where to begin.   One thing’s for sure, be it mountain, scenic, gravel or road, with careful planning you’ll have a great adventure.   Any way you look at it, you’ll find the perfect cycling experience in Oregon, a state widely regarded as being the most cycle friendly in the union.  And with so many paths suited for all skill levels, it’s easy to see why.    They have bike paths, bike lanes, and bike friendly bridges.

Plan your get away so you can take in the type of scenery you’ll want as the backdrop of your adventure.   Oregon’s winter thaw sends water cascading down mountains, causing streams and riverbeds to swell into refreshing vistas that reward your efforts to bike a 5,600 foot climb.

Outdoor Cycling

Along the way you’ll feel the tightness in the chest that signals your heart pumping to its maximum capacity, the burn in the leg muscles, sweat beads on your forehead.  Small price to pay for the incredible view sprawling out before you.  And there’s no rush like the one you get on the way back down.

Rent a bike – If you can’t bring your own there are plenty of shops to rent from, and they’ll have lots of expert advice to share with you on what to wear to make the most of your trek.  You’ll want to reserve your preferred bike ahead of time during peak season, and the shop staff will be happy to help you find one with the speed and skill level that fit you and your family members best.  Use a Groupon Coupons to get loads of information, and discounts on your rentals and on where to eat afterward as well.  Search their vast database for discounts in your locale.

Join a cycling club if you live in the area and have been thinking about it.  Don’t let hang ups fill your head with bluster about not being good/fast/capable enough to keep up with others.  Ask around and a little research is sure to help you find the level of activity that’s right for you.  Not everyone out there is ready to go full tilt to the top of a mountain, or right away go sloshing through streams like an actor in an energy drink commercial.

Oregon has many historic trails you can easily traverse on bike.   It’s easy to get off the bike and ponder for a while what it was like when they made their way along on foot, horse or by wagon.  It’s thrilling to know you’re moving along the same route.  And so educational for your children to feel living history they’ll want to come back again.