First Vacation to India – Things Worth Knowing

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Traveling to India can be a matter of many surprises. The food, culture and the unparalleled mix of people of unbeatable and unlike anything you may have witnessed around the world. While coming here can be a real pleasure, planning is quite important if you are concerned about the budget. For first timers, there can be some actual new things to check. Here, you can negotiate on everything, and even for the smallest prices, something is available as a choice. Check these amazing tips that will help in planning your first ever Indian vacation.

Avoid bookings at last minute

Flights and hotels can be expensive when you are booking at the last minute. Make sure to at least try for tickets a month or two ahead of the date of travel. Hotels are pretty decent for all kinds of budgets, but for an extended vacation, even a modest option can be expensive. As an alternative, you can go for a flat or apartment, and there are some good choices in the cities, metros and growing towns. Just check one of the known online real estate websites, and you will find options in budget, with properties listed by brokers and owners.


Check for the right places

If you want to check Ladakh and Kanyakumari in the same trip, it might not be a good idea. India is best traveled in parts, and for those who like to come here frequently, it is best to make a plan to cover the maximum destinations in the same trip. The fun of a road trip is beyond anything in this country, because you can stop by the villages, enjoy the big cities and have some great food on the highway. Northern India can be a good start, and you can choose to move for the next direction for the subsequent plan.

Book your car for better traveling

The idea is to book a car instead of relying on public transport. Despite the increasing petrol prices, a car for hire in India will cost you much less than many other parts of the world, and it’s a good idea to say the least. You can move at your comfort and have the essential safety in place. Just make sure that you are hiring a driver here, because all roads can be different and often tough for new drivers.

Start making your plans now for fun travel days ahead.