Labuan Bajo Activities That Will Rush Your Adrenaline

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Labuan Bajo cannot be considered as one famous tourism spot in Indonesia such as Yogyakarta or Bali. Even though, this place still has a lot of nice attractions that you might want to try. As an addition to that, it turns out that there are some Labuan Bajo activities that you can simply try if you want to get a rush of your adrenaline. Yes, that is because there are some places and activities that will pump your adrenaline and let your heart beats so fast. If you are interested in those activities that can pump your adrenaline, then you will need to try these things below.


  • The first one is trekking. If you think that trekking is not going to pump your adrenaline, and then you might need to try trekking on the Komodo Island, the exact location is at Komodo National Park. Basically, there is nothing challenging on the track, but when you finally find a komodo, the story might be different. That is because komodo is considered as the real living dragon that you can find in this world and the size of a komodo can simply reach five feet minimum. That means you might be able to find a komodo that size is more than that. You need to know that most of this creatures do not have a good bond with human so that you need to stay a way from them, unless you want to try a little thrill on this national park. Just make sure you stay on the safe distance of you can be chewed by those komodo in a minute.
  • The second thing that might pump your adrenaline is diving. You can simply say that diving activity in Labuan Bajo is considered as something safe and sound. The overall view is also nice too. However, diving in Labuan Bajo can be considered as something thrilling too, especially if you are diving on the Manta Point. This diving site is considered as one of the most challenging one because you will be able to find a lot of manta rays on this point. That is one reason why this spot is named Manta Point. This activity that you can do in Labuan Bajo is considered as something thrilling because you will rarely find the small manta ray with the length of three to five feet. Most of those manta rays that you can find on this spot have the minimum length of eight to ten feet. Do you want to try pumping your adrenaline by diving with those fish that have the large mouth that can chew you?

Those are some activities that you might want to do to pump your adrenaline in Labuan Bajo. For your information, there are not many adrenaline rush activities in Labuan Bajo, but you can say that doing those activities above will put you on another level of fear. If you have passed those activities above, then you might want to simply enjoy the beauty of the nature in Labuan Bajo.