Smartphones – Helpful Companions on the Road

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Whenever you travel, no matter if it’s to the mountains or abroad, it’s always the wisest to take a smartphone with you. Not just any phone – you will most likely need the features offered by the smarter variant. They can help you in ways you haven’t thought possible. Besides, they can keep you entertained when you have empty hours to kill. You can use them to play royal vegas casino games while waiting to board, or take pictures of an amazing landscape. But they can also prevent you from getting lost in a foreign country.

When abroad, you can use them as universal translators

I was always fascinated by the idea of the universal translator used in Star Trek and other similar shows. The idea of translating spoken text on the fly is incredibly useful for Captain Kirk – and so can be for you, when you travel abroad.


Today’s smartphones can make use of their microphones and cameras to help you read or understand the language of the country you are visiting. Translation software on your smartphone can read and translate written text when you point your camera on it, and it can also translate spoken words with the same ease. No more browsing through dictionaries – the smartphone can save you all the fuss.

It can give you tips on where to go next

The smartphone is a useful tool for discovering new places to visit. Some of the services online are focused on gathering user reviews about restaurants, bars and various other venues, reviews that can help you decide where to go next, and even when to go there. The likes of TripAdvisor and Yelp can give you hints about where you will find the best food, the best service or the cleanest room in the city you are visiting, and help you avoid places where you shouldn’t go.

It can prevent you from getting lost

One of the best features of today’s smartphones is turn by turn navigation. With them you won’t need a paper map, or a dedicated GPS navigation device to find your way – you can rely on the free maps offered by the smartphone (no matter if it’s Android, iOS or Windows Phone) to find your way. Besides, with the help of the above mentioned reviews services, you can plan “pit stops” more easily – the maps will indicate where you will encounter eateries, gas stations or sights worth seeing on your way.

Smartphones are already a helpful companion when you travel, and their services will surely improve in the future. They will most likely become much like the tricorders Captain Kirk and his crew used on the screen.

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