Traveling Tips to Avoid Dwi

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The Ber months are here and the holidays are closing in. It means more eating and drinking. It also means more fun at the parties. And whether you will be on the road going to your hometown or just visiting family and friends, traveling is inevitable. A lot of people usually goes on road trips and vacations during the holidays. It is the time when most feel free and relaxed. Therefore the rate of drivers getting arrested for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) also soars high at this time. The Butler Law Firm, one of the most respected firms handling DWI charges in the greater Texas area, offers some of these tips for drivers to prevent them from getting arrested while traveling and having their vacation ruined.

Avoid Drinking and Driving

Having fun is great, and there is nothing wrong with drinking as long as you know your limit. If you are traveling or staying for a few days, you may drink at your discretion but not on the day of travel. The best way to keep yourself and anyone with you on the road is to avoid drinking altogether. There are plenty of different ways to have fun without alcohol. If you are on a road trip, prevent yourself from packing any alcoholic drinks since your passengers may give in to drinking and you might too.

Drink Within the Legal Limit

There may be some times where drinking is inevitable. If you get caught in that situation, or you cannot prevent drinking, make sure to limit yourself. The one drink an hour is not always applicable. Depending on your body and the type of alcohol, you can get drunk even while doing that practice. You know yourself so you are the only one who can control your drinking. Furthermore, you can have portable Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) checker to ensure you are within the legal limit before driving. Moreover, it is best to know the legal limit if you are crossing states.

Have a Substitute Driver

If you are traveling, it is best to have a substitute especially if you are going far or if you know you will drink. Choose someone who is trustworthy and reliable. It is better if you have one who doesn’t drink or one who knows how to control his alcohol intake adequately.

Sleep it Over

If you or your alternate driver is intoxicated, it is safe to wait the night out. If you drink more than enough, then it is best to have a few hours of sleep before going down the road. A few hours of delay is better than having regrets for DWI. It does not only cause problems with the law, but it could also cost lives and a lot of money when you get into an accident.

Behave Properly

In case you get pulled over by the police for suspicions of drunk driving, know your manners. Always be polite and answer the officer with respect. Most of the time, especially when you are not from the area, they could go easy on you based on how you react to their questions. Do not try to insult them. If you refuse, then respond politely.